6 Secrets Of a SilverBack Games Competitor

I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with Shellie Edington.  She placed 3rd in the Games in the 45-49 Masters Division.  She’s a huge fan of WOD-Life Masters Community and considers herself a SilverBack. She shared some secrets with me and gave me permission to pass them on.

Here’s 6 secrets I learned from her:
1.  Be Humble.  Shellie maybe one of the fittest women in the world, but you wouldn’t know it by talking to her.  While she’s proud of her accomplishments, she knows she has work to do and is always looking for improvements.  She knows her strengths and weaknesses and trains them.

2.  Know Your Life Passions.  CrossFit is very important to Shellie, but she has other passions too.  After talking about CrossFit for a while, she changed topic to her true passion – passing fitness to the next generation.  She even started a company – Tumblin4Kids.

3.  Rest.  This is one of the biggest secrets I learned.  She used to do multiple work outs a day.  But it was killing her body.  So she backed off.  And an amazing thing happened…she got stronger and faster.  Psychologically, this was very difficult, but it turned into a big aha-moment.

4.  Don’t Compare Yourself to Others.  Shellie trains at Fit Club in Columbus Ohio.  There’s a lot of great athletes there and sometimes she finishes first in WODs, and sometimes she doesn’t.  She doesn’t really care.  What she really cares about is how she improved.

5.  Trust Your Coach.  Shellie is trained by CrossFit guru Mitch Potterf.  She trusts him 100%. If he gives her a correction, she listens.  He knows how to push her without risking injury. She doesn’t just listen to him…she trusts him.

6.  Listen to Your Body.  Shellie is an experienced athlete from a gymnast background.  While that prepared her well for CrossFit, it also came with a legacy of injuries.  She’s learned that re-injury is one of her biggest risks and it could set her back weeks or even months.  So she’s always listening to her body.