Welcome To SilverBack Nation

Welcome to the sport of fitness over 40

Dedicated to 40+ year olds into: constantly varied functional fitness at high intensity.. AKA "The SilverBacks".

Scott Shepherd - Founder SilverBack Nation

Welcome To SilverBack Nation

I’m Scott Shepherd, Founder of SilverBack Nation. I’m a masters athlete at CrossFit Hilliard – Eleventh Element. I formed this community to inspire and support other masters athletes.

Mission: Inspire, motivate, support, connect and train masters athletes doing CrossFit.

Creed: “Just by doing CrossFit, I’m ahead of 99% of my peers sitting on the couch. I won’t let the critics tell me I’m too old. It won’t be easy. I won’t ever quit. It’s worth it. I’m changing destinies and generations. I’m a rare breed. I’m a SilverBack.”

SilverBack: A masters athlete doing CrossFit on a regular basis and serving as a role model to fire-breathers, friends and family.

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SilverBack Nation provides programming designed for masters athletes. We have coaches who are experts in their field. They're are masters athletes themselves and understand our needs. They're designed for all experience levels from beginner to advanced.

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[testimonials testimonial_items=”%5B%7B%22quote%22%3A%22It%20was%20a%20pleasure%20to%20represent%20WOD-Life%20Masters%20Community%20in%20Carson.%20This%20is%20a%20site%20masters%20aged%20athletes%20can%20go%20to%20for%20ideas%20relating%20to%20nutrition%2C%20recovery%2C%20training%20and%20fellowship.%20%5C%22Age%20is%20just%20a%20number%2C%20but%20every%20second%20counts!%5C%22%20Thanks%20WOD-Life!%20Proud%20to%20be%20a%20Silverback.%22%2C%22author%22%3A%22Kelly%20Graham%2C%209th%20Place%202016%20CrossFit%20Games%22%2C%22author_image%22%3A%221926%22%7D%5D”]

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